Golden Visa

We are allies of the Spanish company Expo Group, one of the largest in the real estate field in Spain. In virtue of this alliance we advise all those who want to reside in Spain through the “Golden Visa Spain

Why Spain?

There are many reasons to come to Spain. But there is much more to live there
Geographic situation
Legal security
Political stability
Social stability
Its gastronomy
Good Infrastructures
Medical staff and quality hospitals.
Quality education
Mediterranean idiosyncrasy and hospitality of the people
Excellent golf courses


The potential of the Spanish market is shown in a World Bank study. In its report “Doing Business” (2015), it classified Spain as one of the main countries, in a ranking of 189 economies. This assessment took into account aspects such as property rights, innovation and technology, individual, commercial and monetary freedom and the protection of investors. Agreements to avoid double taxation agreements with more than 75 countries.

Investing in Spain is a sure way to capitalize your money.

A real estate market with very favorable business opportunities, a very dynamic tourism market, with promising prospects of return for your investment, among many others.



The new legal provisions open the possibility of applying for a residence permit that carries out investment activities in SPAIN to those who have regularly entered the country – holders of valid Schengen visas or beneficiaries of the visa exemption – through the acquisition of real estate from value equal to or greater than € 500,000

In 2013, the Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has established a new legislation that allows non-EU citizens to obtain, through investment in the country, a residence permit known as “GOLDEN VISA”, that allows foreign investors to travel freely in the Schengen area.

The “Golden Visa Program of Spain” offers a real investment route to obtain residence and potential citizenship in the country and, therefore, European citizenship. The best and the most popular program in Europe.


You do not have to worry about moving permanently to Spain (if you do not want to). There is no requirement for the holder of the Spanish Gold Visa to reside in Spain. Investors do not have a minimum stay requirement and under the new Law, investors no longer have to travel to Spain at least once during the period allowed for a residence permit or renewal of them.

  • You do not have to worry about leaving your families behind. The regulations allow you to bring your immediate family (spouse and children under 18 years of age), as long as you indicate it in your application process. Each member of the family must comply with the requirements of no criminal record; And you just need to show that you have enough funds to support them. Spanish residence visas can also be issued to children under 18, economically dependent adult children and economically dependent parents. The law also includes children over the age of 18 who, due to health problems, are not objectively capable of taking care of themselves. Apart from these, children over 18 years of age must apply for the Golden Visa of Spain in their own rights.
  • You should not worry about your high net worth and income tax. Investors are not required to become a tax resident in Spain. The holder of a residence visa in Spain can make decisions about his fiscal residence independently.
  • You do not have to worry about not being able to work in Spain. Although it was not previously allowed, the 2015 changes in the Spanish Gold Visa requirements allow the holder of this visa to work in Spain and participate in economic activities.
  • Do not worry about traveling in Europe. In addition to living in Spain, investors with Spanish Gold Visa can also travel freely through the Schengen countries for a maximum of 90 days, without the need for additional visas.


Our services range from market research, supporting the making of strategic decisions in real estate investment to the completion of the entire process and the monitoring and management of the interests of our customers in the Spanish territory.

We can provide all services from A to Z, so that our customers can enjoy a warm welcome in Spain, visit several properties in several places, choose / sign the purchase of the property, obtain and renew the temporary residence permit and finally obtain the permanent residence permit.

During the course of your stay you will have the opportunity to meet experts in different fields, which will help you to complete your understanding of the aspects related to the purchase, sale, rental, mortgage, investment or development of the property in Spain.

  • Travel organization
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel
  • Visit to the lawyer’s office
  • Selection of properties to visit
  • Tour in selected properties
  • Property evaluation
  • Treatment of the entire purchase process


All in a package of legal services with full support to the foreign investor that covers the application for the residence permit of the investor (+ family members)

  • Application for residence permit
  • Preparation and presentation of the initial application and required documentation
  • Representation before the authorities of Spain
  • Full assistance with request for family members
  • Full assistance with renewals for investors and family
  • Property and transport
  • Representation of companies
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Foreign Investment and Tourism
  • Banking and insurance
  • Administrative property
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Immigration
  • Family and Succession
  • job
  • Fiscal and Tax Planning
  • Litigation and dispute resolution