Services at Venezuela


Legal services are provided comprehensive and independent way, according to customer needs, from the statutory establishment of the company to all the various issues that may arise in their business. This involves advice on contractual matters, tax, civil, commercial, labor, litigation, collection and recoveries, intellectual property, management of national and international bidding and offers advice on obtaining permits for contracting with public sector bodies.

In this area, we also provide advice on creating corporate structures Off Shores.


Judicial proceedings represent important expenditures and seriously affect the cost structure of companies. Although there has been political Desktop provide clients preventive counseling in pursuit of lower litigation, it has also specialized in representing them before the Courts of the Republic, in all instances, making it owner of a successful experience in all as regards the active attention of judicial matters in civil, commercial, labor, tax matters, in the area of administrative litigation and constitutional protections, ensuring strict control and monitoring of the evolution of the same, with the corresponding periodic reports that the client knows the status of the process and can make the corresponding forecasts.